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Xampp and phplist

PostPosted: 4:34am, Mon 26 May, 2008
by sistegraf
I'm thinking on installing XAMPP and phplist in my computer so I can send more that 500 message per hour as my web hosting has that limit.

The problem is i don't have the slightest idea on how to do it.

Is there any guide somewhere that I can follow?

Anybody willing to help?

Is this really a good idea? Will it work better or a dedicated server hosting is the way to go.


PostPosted: 1:29pm, Mon 26 May, 2008
by J_S
Yes, it is a good idea to install XAMPP to work with phplist. As a matter of fact, it is recommended in the 'phplist Docs'.
Still, there is not a guideline posted in the forums to install it ,at the moment. If you do so, you can afterwards document it and post it in here for future users that might have the same problem ;)
This links have some data that may prove valuable in doing the installing: ... P+-+Page+1 ... 37&start=0

Re: Xampp and phplist

PostPosted: 1:42pm, Wed 30 Jan, 2013
by DaniC
Where you able to do this? I'm thinking about doing the same thing, but I can't seem to find a good guide.

Thanks in advance!

Re: Xampp and phplist

PostPosted: 4:24pm, Wed 30 Jan, 2013
by Dragonrider
As there does not seem to be a phpList on XAMPP guide, I've done a quick one on my own website, look for the first article. NB: XAMPP is reluctant to install for me, so for the install phpList I've had to go from memory from when I ran XAMPP on my old defunct computer.

I personally prefer the new AMPPS instead of XAMPP and I've done a starter guide, again on my website, look for Ampps and phpList article. Hope these help.