phplist API - auto update list from website database

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phplist API - auto update list from website database

Postby abhishek1711 » 4:15am, Mon 22 Feb, 2010


am running a deal a day website which needs to send out daily deal alerts to subscriber base

now question is if i use phplist can i integrate database of these subscribers with my phplist list - in sense daily i wont have to update the new users to the list - it auto updates new users who signed up for receiving the email alerts on the website

post this phaze i also want to know if phplist can integrate more deeply - like once any1 buys something an auto mailer goes with electronic coupon - can phplist be the medium to send such auto mails/triggers too ?

if not my option is to use Interspire which will cost me $500 which i cant really afford at this point!
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