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Using SSO (Single Sign On) for admin login

PostPosted: 7:51pm, Wed 11 Jul, 2012
by bartgymnast
Hi All,

I have been searching the forum for the following but could not find it.

I am currently using PhP list to send notifications to customers.
I want to integrate PhP list in our lemonldap-ng (SSO) system.

On lemonldap-ng portal an user logs in and from their he/she can access the applications that he/she has access to.
This application opens up directly without having to re-login into that application.

PhP list code is pretty big and a bit messy for an not-so experienced php coder like myself, so I am searching for a needly in a haystack.

Has anyone been able to make this work, and what parts of the PhP list code have you changed to make this work?

Re: Using SSO (Single Sign On) for admin login

PostPosted: 6:48am, Thu 12 Jul, 2012
by duncanc
See this section in config.php that explains how to provide alternative authentication methods
# admin authentication module.
# to validate the login for an administrator, you can define your own authentication module
# this is not finished yet, so don't use it unless you're happy to play around with it
# if you have modules to contribute, open a tracker issue on
# the default module is, which you can find in the "auth" subdirectory of the
# admin directory. It will tell you the functions that need to be defined for phplist to
# retrieve it's information.
# phplist will look for a file in that directory, or you can enter the full path to the file

# eg
#$admin_auth_module = '';

# or
#$admin_auth_module = '/usr/local/etc/';

Re: Using SSO (Single Sign On) for admin login

PostPosted: 6:16am, Tue 18 Feb, 2014
by nimmi
I want to integrate phpList with another PHP website. I need a secure SSO. ie If I have logged in my PHP website I dont want to login again to phpList account. Is this possible? Please help