Multiple email addresses for single members?

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Multiple email addresses for single members?

Postby jolobean » 11:37am, Fri 23 Nov, 2012

As a newbie to PHPlist I hope I've not missed something obvious but I can't bottom this out.

I manage a swimming club and am looking for a more efficient means to email our members. A key requirement is that members have to be associated to multiple email accounts. A "member" for me is the swimmer, and each member may have up to three email accounts, their own and two parents. In addition there are multiple members from the same family sharing email addresses but with different attributes.

To give an example

Swimmer A has email addresses "" and "" and the attributes "belongs to groups 1 & 2"

Swimmer B also has the email addresses "" and "" but the attribute "belongs to groups 1 & 3"

I want to store all of this information and have the ability to only send one email each to the two email accounts when I'm sending to attribute group 1, but also to send an email to each email account when selecting either attribute group 2 or 3.

I've managed to set up the attribute range with no difficulty, but when I import either using email or foreign key the impression I get is that PHPList is deleting what it perceives to be "duplicates". This will either be the swimmer or an email account depending on whether I use the foreign key.

I think it might be possible if instead of defining groups as attributes I used them as lists. But then my problem is that I can't see an easy way of ingesting members automatically into different lists, and my membership changes on a monthly basis so the ease of ingest is a key issue for me.

Is there a way round this?
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