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Dealing with Bullets

PostPosted: 6:49pm, Wed 19 Dec, 2012
by dweeber
My mistake... this should have gone into Questions after install...

When using Bullets (Numbered or Unnumbered), the HTML message looks fine, but the text version doesn't do anything with those so it is hard to see that they were bullets. Is there a change that can be made to make these stand out better in text format?

We have a lot of users which are text based users (Disability related).

Re: Dealing with Bullets

PostPosted: 10:12pm, Wed 19 Dec, 2012
by Dragonrider
Text only emails are limited to what the default font is on the machine the message is received on, exactly like a regular email, which is what text newsletters are.

Only on HTML emails can you use bullets etc.

The best thing I can come up with is have a look at the standard Times Roman typeface/font offers and see if there is a suitable block character that you could use. Remember, you can also alter the setting in the config file to allow you to edit the text version of your email as well as the HTML version.

Look for:
Code: Select all
# Manual text part, will give you an input box for the text version of the message
# instead of trying to create it by parsing the HTML version into plain text

Re: Dealing with Bullets

PostPosted: 3:31am, Thu 20 Dec, 2012
by dweeber

I ended up with that conclusion...

I was able to use simple lower case o's as bullets.. which works okay...

but I am running into other problems ... I finally figured out that templates are ignored when generating the text portion of the message.. This means critical information that would be needed to be included in each message is not being included which was added to the template.

This could be overcome by having the users post with that content included, but getting them to just create clean content in the first place is already a huge battle and attempting to get them to do more than follow a really simple process is a loosing battle.

The last possible way around this would be to have the ability to have different footers for each list, but that option does not exist either.

The funny thing is the Hosted version has many of these options built in, but the cost which is minimal is not an option for many of the non-profits that I deal with. Its too bad the hosted version code is not available ...

Looks like I am going to have to look for some other solution... Too bad, it has a lot of promise but relies too heavily on the assumption of HTML email. In the disability community, this is a serious shortcoming and has possible legal ramifications.