Bounce handling using IMAP protocol

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Bounce handling using IMAP protocol

Postby tahdhaze09 » 5:23pm, Tue 12 Mar, 2013

How do I configure bounce processing using the IMAP protocol? My local servers have POP3 shut down due to security issues. I can use IMAP, but it looks like the configuration doesn't allow for it. I have the IMAP plugin installed in my PHP install, and safe mode is off.

I tried using the advice in another post stating that IMAP protocol can be used by just stating the 143 port in the
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variable in the config, but that does not work.

I am receiving the bounced emails in the box that I've set up, so that portion of the bounce handling config is working OK. I just need phplist to then run through that mailbox and handle the bounced emails.

Please help! I wish I had other options, but IMAP is the only way I can go, or it's nothing (and I have thousands of users!)

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Re: Bounce handling using IMAP protocol

Postby duncanc » 5:48pm, Tue 12 Mar, 2013

What value have you set for $bounce_mailbox_port?

There are a couple of debug settings that might provide more information on what is happening. See

add '/debug' to $bounce_mailbox_port
modify the imap_open statement to have the extra options parameter.
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Re: Bounce handling using IMAP protocol

Postby tahdhaze09 » 8:45pm, Tue 12 Mar, 2013

Thanks for the reply!

I'm looking at processbounces.php and I can see case statements and the functions that are called based on the protocol used.

I'm going to try adding an extra function and case statement based on your link from and see if it works. As long as I choose imap as a protocol and have a function to run, it should work. If no protocol is chosen the pop3 function is chosen by default.

I'll post the results...
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