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Editing inc files

PostPosted: 4:01pm, Thu 28 Mar, 2013
by jeniveve
Can someone point me to anything that explains what the files in texts do (specifically and what the result is of editing said file might be?

I am trying to ensure that the word newsletter(s) is replaced by mailing list(s) throughout.
I started because I was trying to edit the webpage that is shown after someone confirms their being added to the list and I learned that editing this file will do that but should I replace every instance of 'newsletter' or just this one specific instance?

I just want to make sure that if I edit the file, once I replace it on the server my will not revert back or be replaced somehow or that my edits will not affect anything in a negative manner...I know I have to be careful to make sure my edits are of a text nature only but should I be worried about anything else?

Thank you,

Re: Editing inc files

PostPosted: 6:54pm, Thu 28 Mar, 2013
by Dragonrider
Hi Jen,

Basically .inc files are php or text files that are included files.

The language files are .inc's and if you look at them in a TEXT editor (NOT Word or similar) you'll see they set up various variables that phpList uses.

Make a backup before you edit them as you can stop phpList working if you make a mistake, especially if you haven't got the ZIP file that you installed phpList from, eg: if you used Cpanel/Fantastico to install.

Make sure each variable's text is enclosed within a single quote (at each end) and the line finishes with a semi-colon

For example:
Code: Select all
$strEnterName           = 'Please enter your name';
$strEnterEmail          = 'Please enter a valid email address';
$strConfirmEmail        = 'Confirm your email address';

Try not to use an aphostrophe, for example, "it is necessary" rather then "it's necessary" as that is a single quote and will stop phpList working.

Re: Editing inc files -closed-

PostPosted: 10:06pm, Thu 28 Mar, 2013
by jeniveve
Thank you very much!