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Add users without email address. Also see all user Atributes

PostPosted: 8:12am, Tue 09 Apr, 2013
by monsam
Hello Mates.
I'm trying to use phplist for a workgroup database with the contact information, where we will contact as many users as posible with the list, but some of the mates do not have email address then we contact them by phone.
Does anyone has a solution different that introducing fake addresses for those do not have email?

Also, It is any way to see the list of users and some or all attributes(created by me) on one web page? I read on post the idea of using mysqladmin, but the housekeeping is going a be done by a not tech person. Then this option is not to useful in my case.

Does anyone know any alternative to phplist that could do the job?

Thank you.