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Yahoogroup like action

PostPosted: 10:25pm, Fri 09 Aug, 2013
by slush
We have been using yahoogroups which has been great except for the fact that by default, when someone "replies" to an email sent from someone in the group - It goes to the entire group. No one goes to the bottom of the originating email to hit the "reply to all" button. This causes a huge amount of unwanted emails to members.
1. Does phplist allow anyone in the email group to send emails to the group?
2. Does it allow configuring so that by default the "reply" goes to the sender - but also allow to reply to the entire group.

Have suggested to Yahoo to move the reply footer to the top but no response.

Re: Yahoogroup like action

PostPosted: 7:56am, Sat 10 Aug, 2013
by duncanc
phplist doesn't work like yahoo groups, see the features of phplist