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Re: Resorting mailing list

PostPosted: 9:07pm, Wed 10 Sep, 2014
by alraki
Sven2157 wrote:Yes it does! ( at least in v2.11.10 & v3.0.0 ) :wink:
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If you open your 'config/config.php' file, you will find starting on line 358, DOMAIN THROTTLING.
Code: Select all
# Domain Throttling
# You can activate domain throttling, by setting USE_DOMAIN_THROTTLE to 1
# define the maximum amount of emails you want to allow sending to any domain and the number
# of seconds for that amount. This will make sure you don't send too many emails to one domain
# which may cause blacklisting. Particularly the big ones are tricky about this.
# it may cause a dramatic increase in the amount of time to send a message, depending on how
# many users you have that have the same domain (eg
# if too many failures for throttling occur, the send process will automatically add an extra
# delay to try to improve that. The example sends 1 message every 2 minutes.


Alternatively, you could use the AUTO DOMAIN THROTTLING starting on line 372:
Code: Select all
# if you have very large numbers of users on the same domains, this may result in the need

# to run processqueue many times, when you use domain throttling. You can also tell phplist
# to simply delay a bit between messages to increase the number of messages sent per queue run
# if you want to use that set this to 1, otherwise simply run the queue many times. A cron
# process every 10 or 15 minutes is recommended.

Hope that helps! :wink:


90'000 seconds are 25 hours.

90'000 / 60 / 60 = 25.

Or I am wrong?