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Using phpList in Java program

PostPosted: 1:38pm, Sun 18 Aug, 2013
by Helveticus

I'm writting s small Java program for sending newsletters. The java program should use phpList for sending. I'm familiar with Java but not familiar with PHP.

As I saw some functionality of phpList can also be used through php command line commands.

Is there a possibility to use phpList in Java? For example the user can input a text in the java program (which will be formated to HTML) and then press a button. This should then call a function so that a new message is created in phpList and the text is inserted. Finally, if the user press send, the message should be inserted into the phpList queue. So I just mean the normal operations as done in the phpList web interface but now I want do this in a java program.

Edit: I found the following:

I think I can use

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phplist -psend -s This is the subject -l test 1 2 3 -f < messagefile

There are 3 remaining questions:

How can I look via command line how much addresses remains for sending? That means for example the message has yet to be sent to 50'000 addresses out of 100'000.

I want to be informed when the sending is finished. How can I set this by command line?

I want to specify the file for html and text mails separately, as it can be in the web interface. How can I do this?

Re: Using phpList in Java program

PostPosted: 9:15pm, Wed 21 Aug, 2013
by Helveticus
Can nobody help?