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Make confirmed immediately?

PostPosted: 12:34am, Mon 19 Aug, 2013
by jenpen
This is a version 3 question but as I "do not have the required permissions to read topics within this forum " in the V3 forum, I'm asking it here:

In the old version when mass importing emails I had the option to "Make confirmed immediately" but this option seems to have disappeared in version 3. Will all my new users get a confirmation email?

Re: Make confirmed immediately? in version 3

PostPosted: 11:30pm, Mon 19 Aug, 2013
by jenpen
In the ansence of answers I looked up the documentation and found Step 13 under subscribing emails: "The rest of the options on the page are well explained, but for the most part you can just check all the boxes and select the 'confirm immediately' radio button.". But there is no "Confirm immediately" radio button.

Sorry this is in the wrong forum (v2) but there is not a "New topic" button in the V3 forum, for me at least. Getting desperate now, I don't want my 800 confirmed subscribers to all get a confirmation email so can't re-upload them!