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Essential questions to functionality and different versions

PostPosted: 1:05pm, Tue 20 Aug, 2013
by Bravestarr

i'm very confused about the functionality of phpList both version 2 and 3.

I just created a template with a header graphics and the preview looks good in the template editor, but the template layout does not appear in the editor when creating a draft message/campaign. Instead of the template layout there is always a white background.
How can i see the WHOLE newsletter like in a preview and without sending it through a test email?

The next problem: Most of the newsletters have an appealing layout with pictures and floating text, because a huge continuous text without pictures and layout is very boring for the readers. Due to the lack of duplicating a draft message i think this problem could only be managed by templates...but can i determine different content sections in a template and use it in the campain editor? I think this problem also belongs to the missing preview function, because when the template would be displayed in the campain editor, i would be able to insert different text to different areas/divs.

At the moment i would save the source codes of the newsletters in textfiles on my harddisc and copy/paste it to a new campaign...To see the result i have to send a testmail to myself, go to my email client, check for new mails and open it. I know that i allways have to check the newsletter with different email clients before sending, nevertheless it would be very helpful to have a preview at the stage of creating the content to see how the content layout looks with the template layout in the background. Am I alone in thinking the actual approach seems to be conceived in a very unsatisfactory manner?

I found a php hack in the forum for duplicating draft messages, but i don't understand why this very old mantis-request was not implemented in version 3...and of course i don't know if this old patch is working in the new version...


Re: Essential questions to functionality and different versi

PostPosted: 1:50pm, Thu 22 Aug, 2013
by SomethingWickedITA
I share the doubts of Bravestarr.
Also, I'm wondering why this useful template ownership feature ( hasn't been implemented in this new release.
Thanks :)

Re: Essential questions to functionality and different versi

PostPosted: 3:04am, Mon 26 Aug, 2013
by Sven2157
I have a working example, if you are interested in trying it out. It will eventually be part of a bigger plugin, that I plan on releasing in the next week or so.

I have a development list setup, with some dummy information. If you( or anyone reading this ) are interested in trying it out, PM me, and I will send the login information to you.