Send More than One Message At a Time

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Send More than One Message At a Time

Postby marbellasurfer » 8:30am, Wed 25 Sep, 2013

I have two lists and want to send them both a different email but at the same time, to compare results. I believe PHPlist can only send one message at a time?

Can anyone confirm or point me in the direction of how I can send more than one message at the same time?

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Re: Send More than One Message At a Time

Postby trs » 1:07pm, Fri 13 Dec, 2013


I have the same issue here: I want to send two messages to two different lists at the same time.

The reason is because there are a lot of subscribers in each list, so it takes several days to process each message and I do not want to wait until the first message is sent out to start sending the other.

I have set up batch processing that way :

and I start "phplist -pprocessqueue" every half an hour by a cron job.
But each time it continues processing the same message and never process the second one before the first one is over.

Sending in batches of 120 emails
This batch will be 119 emails, because in the last 1800 seconds 1 emails were sent
Processing has started, 2 message(s) to process.
Processing message 111
Looking for users
Found them: 4020 to process
batch limit reached: 119 (119)
Script stage: 5
119 messages sent in 1334.49 seconds (321 msgs/hr)"

Is there a way to get phplist to process them in a round-robin fashion ?
Or is it a feature available in version 3 only ?

Thanks for your replies.
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Re: Send More than One Message At a Time

Postby danwaterloo » 3:17am, Mon 16 Dec, 2013

In my experience, phplist only sends one message at a time. I have setup a 'multi system' where phplist is installed in more than one directory, and using that configuration, I have been able to send more than one message at a time (one message from each installation on the 'multi system' setup. things to look out for are: 1. is your system powerful enough to generate the number of emails you need need to go out, 2. make sure your database is configured for maximum efficiency, and 3. can your email MTA send at the required speed.

once you have your system setup (i.e. in ~/lists1a/ and ~/lists1b/ directories), you can setup cron jobs for processing the queue and the bounces, one set of cron jobs for /lists1a/ and another set of cron jobs for /lists1b/
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