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Can PHPList auto reschdule

PostPosted: 3:58am, Fri 04 Oct, 2013
by citizen25
an email is sent every time a site is updated and the update happens the same time every week

we would like to know can we have phplist auto send a pre-made list and repeat that every 7 days

<willing to do what makes this part work if another way is better> the content of the email would be aimed at a text file that would be updated as needed

Auto reschedule would be done by an dummy admin that would be disabled as needed when update will not be done (ok if disable has to be 7 days+ ahead)

if so where is a guide on how to setup something like this

Re: Can PHPList auto reschdule

PostPosted: 3:21am, Sun 06 Oct, 2013
by citizen25
this appears to do almost all of what i need

however the README.repetition does not exist for information