Most Bizzare Email List Program I ever came Accross

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Most Bizzare Email List Program I ever came Accross

Postby skyzer » 8:25pm, Sun 09 Mar, 2014


The only reason I ever touch this bizzare illogical piece of code cause it is inboxing gmail for some reason. So much stupidity in the single Software TOO many to list.
Why is the heck I cannot send to TEST!!!!! List 2 3 4 5 times same message? How Else I can test if [MACROS] are working? !!! Ones you send message (to my OWN emails) it's set Flag that it's been send already AND??? And you have to Dig entire Database by HAND to find something to Delete to RESET that stupid Test list..
The best thing I found is to SET Change Message ID in the database, than this monster will send message again, Then? Guess what you have to go back to database and Reset Message ID or forget it. WHY is the heck it's including FOOTER, which I deleting every freaking time and it's keep popping up? :mrgreen: Why I'm not available USE [Macro fields] in any type of body/ Subject/From Name and so on?
After Installing some type of crazy plagin called "SubjectLinePlaceHoledersPluging" Which of course doesn't work, because Just placing this in to /plugin/ folder isn't enoughobviously, then I have to DIG that php code half a day to figure out that it needs Folder to be created in Plugin/SubjectLinePlaceHoledersPluging Even After that It's still doesn't work, SO I Manually place the code in senddmaillib.php

DIRECTLY AFTER this code (on line #733) paste the following:

Code: Select all
// Funky Penguin Mod starts - variable substitution in the subject
if (is_array($user_att_values)) {
foreach ($user_att_values as $att_name => $att_value) {
if (eregi("\[".$att_name."\]",$subject,$regs)) {
$subject = eregi_replace("\[".$att_name."\]",$att_value,$subject);
// Funky Penguin Mod ends

<Mod edit: Balance of post removed due to offensive language>
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Re: Most Bizzare Email List Program I ever came Accross

Postby skyzer » 12:49am, Mon 10 Mar, 2014

Thank you for Removing my point due to "offensive language". I'm not trying to put down
coders in any way. They are maybe a great programmers, I'm not even question that,
but I can guarantee you, what comes to Emailing, They have no clue what it's all about..
To be a good coder obviously not enough.
You need to be familiar with the business flow. I mean, you cannot code
financial Application, if you don't know the Business. Those guys never mail, well maybe from
Outlook Express ones, to contact their buds, that's about it. And Unfortunately Team of
phplist have no clue what Mailier needs nowadays, unless they just trying to reduce
outgoing mail after all by making life of Everyday Email Marketer as Hard As Possible.
Did you ever look over/came across "Mail Merge" Plug in for Thunderbird? This Few k-bites Software working flawlessly placing any tags in entire body with no problems. And "phplist" dudes been figuring out for years how to place [Tags] in Subject until some volunteer actually get sick and tired and wrote private .php pluging :) Which also needs like 50 pages instruction on how to install it and set it up.. :) Ohh, boy..
Just waste entire Sunday, now installing Interspire Platform, Have a fun,with this
"mailier" Not sure how those guys get picked up by Default for CPanel soft solution,
but this is another story. Have a good night everyone.

P.S The MOST ridiculous thing is that I cannot keep sending Same Message To the List I already recently Sent.??? Message Saying: NO USER FOUND? NOTHING TO DO??? WHAT?
Are you kidding? That's when you click on Lists---> Select list and then--View Members--->
And if # msgs have a value of 1, forget about, You cannot send same message to this list unless you some how Edit DB and Figure out where to DELETE RESET this Value, GOOD
luck Wasting your time..
For GOD sakes At list have an Option to RESET "Send" status!!! The List to NONSEND again, I can have a 1000 Reasons to Send Same Message to The Same list, that's shouldn't be your problem.
Please FIX that At lest.. What If my list only 3-7 Emails And I'm trying to TEST if emails are actually Inboxing rater than laying down in JUNK folder for Several Email Provider? See what I mean.. COMMON GUYS!!!
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