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Set the owner of a message

PostPosted: 10:24am, Thu 15 May, 2014
by nicobond
I was wondering if it's possible to set the owner of a message from the administrative panel.
I've searched in this forum but it seems no one has done this request.
Let's suppose we have configured some administrators in the phplist control panel, one super admin and others that can only view their messages with relative statistics.
In my case, all messages are created by the super admin for customers, for this reason phplist assigns the super admin as the owner of these messages.
Once these messages are sent, I want our customers can login with their account to view their message's statistics and clicks.
The problem is that those messages created before are matched with the super admin so only super admin could view them.
To solve it, I should create the messages with the customer's account or to assign message's ownership to another admin.
Is there some hack or plugin that can do that?
Actually I'm using Phplist 2.10.14