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PostPosted: 2:01am, Tue 10 Jun, 2014
by ebob
I've been learning PHPList in order to move us off Mailman. I use a shared hosting service so I have little control over which version of these I can use.

We just had Mailman blow a gasket over several high-profile mail services (Comcast, AOL, Hotmail to name a few) decide to suddenly (?) employ DMARC. Newer versions of Mailman can handle this, I think, but I'd still rather migrate off Mailman.

How does PHPList 2.10.13 cope with DMARC?


PostPosted: 11:51am, Tue 10 Jun, 2014
by danwaterloo
Hello Ebob,

It looks like DMARC uses DNS records for instructions on what to do if an email does not pass SPF and DKIM tests, using the domain in the "From:" header.

To pass DMARC, you would need to put a txt record in the DNS of the domain in the "From" header...

It looks like DMARC is not an official standard, so 'anything goes' until it is properly specified and approved as a standard.



PostPosted: 11:56am, Tue 10 Jun, 2014
by ebob
Thanks Dan. I read that later too. As one of the functions of DMARC is to send a report back to the sender, mailing list software needs to cope with the report mail.