Setting up High Performance SMTP to send 300,000 mails daily

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Setting up High Performance SMTP to send 300,000 mails daily

Postby mehargags » 10:42am, Sun 01 Mar, 2015

I'm trying to decide on configuration to be able to send 300K mails a day and I'll be using PHPlist to handle the mailing queue.
What I'm trying to deduce here is whether the underlying MTA EXIM will be capable enough for that speed on a Debian 7 system?

I can use a 4Core/4GB VPS or a better dedicated server if needed But I'm anxious on whether a single server can handle that much delivery efficiently or not.

Alternatively, To make an Efficient mailing system, I’ve thought to decentralize the solution and rather than putting load on one Dedicated or VPS, and managing queuing, Sending Delays and all that, we distribute the mailing load to 2 x2GB VPS or even 4 x 1GB VPS. The challenge here is to have a central shared Storage if possible… one of the server hosts the DB, the other 4 have the mailing list App accessing the Central DB, and my operating staff can queue up segments of Mailing list in 2/4 chunks and start shooting mails. Running queues in parallel will make it faster for delivering the whole list and will be cost effective for me too. Plus It will be easier to track which segment caused a problem incase there is a stoppage or even a SPAM complaint.

The mailing list is 1.5M and growing, and we plan on sending mailers 2-3 times a month, giving it a total count of 3M to 4.5M a month. If we scale it over multiple VPSs, it will be much more efficient. Also if we need to speed up the solution, we can plug in another VPS if needed.

Please give me your good thoughts over this... May be I'm thinking too much of it while it is purely manageable on single server.
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