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:?: Paypal processor for 'paid subscription' ezines?

PostPosted: 5:17am, Tue 08 May, 2007
by krystof

:?: After Googling all day, I have found NO mention of ANY ezine program (or third party ezine hosting) that includes automatic payment processing (preferably Paypal).

(I have found many articles on the wonderful benefits of a 'paid upgrade' to add to a free ezine...but how...?)

The Vbulletin forum software has such a system for premium membership upgrades.

:?: But for paid I have to manually keep a list of 1,000+ subscribers...manually subscribe them after sending them to click on a Paypal 'buy now' button...and manually de-list those whose payments expire...?

...or does PHPlist have something similar to the Vbulletin Paypal processor...?

Thank you for help, anyone!

PostPosted: 3:18pm, Sun 24 Jun, 2007
by CharlieS

This is something I'd be interested in too.

Re: :?: Paypal processor for 'paid subscription' ezines?

PostPosted: 9:20am, Thu 17 Jan, 2013
by mrmckoy
I'm very interested in using paypal or a plugin to charge people to signup for certain mailing lists. Is this possible? Has anyone done it?

I honestly think this 'paid subscribe' feature would be the next evolution for phplist.