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Fully Integrated PHPlist in Website

PostPosted: 9:18am, Tue 29 May, 2007
by Euphoria
Finally!. and proudly without help of the forums :(!..

not that they didn't try but just no one could figure out what was happening.

Anyway everything's fine and working check out by yourself!.

aahh...i still have that anti-spam thing...URL is:

or just click the WWW on my profile to see it :D!

hope you guys like it!. by the way. does the Flash Header show well in you IE?.

it's working fine in my Firefox but my IE does not show it.

PostPosted: 10:54am, Tue 29 May, 2007
by Dragonrider
so, how did you fix it? In case anyone else has a similar problem?

PostPosted: 12:45pm, Tue 29 May, 2007
by Hernol
Sorry, what was the problem again?
And the links of the flash header aren't working.
BTW, cool design :D

PostPosted: 6:19am, Wed 30 May, 2007
by Euphoria
tnx for the replies.

1-. the problem was that no matter hwat i did i got the suscribing form twice, my customized one and a standard one added at the bottom.

2-. how did fix it?, i surrendered at the default suscribing form that was trying to add himself, i splited my code and separated the hald in the header and the other one on the footer, also i called my own CSS to have the same text i use in my website

3-. yeah the buttons still do not work, i still have problems with flash and the site is supposed to be online in less than 48 hours, hehehe.

4-. Tnx!, we did our best effort to make a nice gui, glad you liked it

PostPosted: 11:34am, Sat 09 Jun, 2007
by jbisonaroll
The site looks great and I'm digging the tunes.



PostPosted: 8:13am, Sat 23 Jun, 2007
by Euphoria
i'm glad you like the design.

it is online since June 2 (saturday) - 2007

you guys can chck the fully working site :), that kind of banners (the ones in the main section) really took me a lot of time and thinking :S!!..

but well final website is out, anyone who likes electronic music should like it :).

i still do not add the suscription form but i'll do it in a couple of days

Re: Fully Integrated PHPlist in Website

PostPosted: 7:19am, Wed 17 Nov, 2010
by mbwallace4
Site not working.... :(

Re: Fully Integrated PHPlist in Website

PostPosted: 1:13pm, Wed 17 Nov, 2010
by Dragonrider
mbwallace4 wrote:Site not working.... :(

Well, the post is over three years old and when I checked it my AV warned that there is a Trojan on the link and blocks it anyway.