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The best Phplist administration panel

PostPosted: 7:57pm, Tue 05 Jun, 2007
by phpRoomer
PS. For those who had problems with Firefox to view the link, it has been updated to work with firefox, sorry for the inconvenient)

Phplist is really powerful but not intuitive for end user, we decided to remake a lot of parts to make is more usable, accessible and simple for final user, the result is really impressive, although still not entirely finished, check out this demo.
Comments are welcomed.


p.s Soon our web will be available in english too :)

PostPosted: 3:37pm, Thu 07 Jun, 2007
by harner
Veyr PoMMo-esque, I like it!!!

New admin interface

PostPosted: 5:44pm, Mon 02 Jul, 2007
by pavansut
Fantastic! Really love it. When will it be ready for prime time?


PostPosted: 11:49am, Thu 26 Jul, 2007
by phpRoomer
Hi every body thanks for your feed back and emails, soon we will put a link to a new version, our gool is to make a really intuitive and simple control panel were anybody can use the system (and we are getting close:->).
By the way nice web pavansut :->

PostPosted: 12:59am, Mon 06 Aug, 2007
by Marc_s
Yes very nice!

What is the latest update for it now?

Need any beta testers?


when will it be available

PostPosted: 8:44am, Mon 13 Aug, 2007
by okker
This backend looks very nice indeed! Any news on when it'll be available?


PostPosted: 4:40am, Tue 21 Aug, 2007
by meeknmighty
Very Impressive indeed!

Put me On your list for this interface.

Very professional representation too.

Re: The best Phplist administration panel

PostPosted: 12:28pm, Thu 20 Sep, 2007
by Susa
Can I download this interface ? Where?

PostPosted: 11:03pm, Thu 20 Sep, 2007
by H2B2
Apparently not on the short term, if at all:

An alternative is this "windows like" interface: