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Rep. Riley's Email list

PostPosted: 4:26am, Wed 08 Aug, 2007
by frodojrr
I'm rather pleased with the way this one turned out. First time I really tried to style a sign-up sheet:

PostPosted: 4:57am, Tue 25 Sep, 2007
by flyerfixer
Very nice, bit more integration would be good but it looks very clean!

PostPosted: 6:00am, Thu 18 Oct, 2007
by hispy
Great looking site. More content about the nature of the newsletter would be nice.

PostPosted: 8:10am, Thu 29 Nov, 2007
by crucial
Very nicely done!

Re: Rep. Riley's Email list

PostPosted: 11:00am, Thu 06 May, 2010
by johnsblb
Great job. Your site gives me the inspiration of how to implant Phplist into my website.