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PostPosted: 2:34am, Thu 08 Nov, 2007
by clubwager
I do not know much about apache, but if you will post what version of phplist you are using, and where you installed it, and where you installed SPAF_FormValidator, and give me the url to the subscribe page where you are having problems so I can look at it, I will try to help.

PostPosted: 8:01am, Thu 08 Nov, 2007
by rmacian
well, I am running version 2.10.5. The installation is under a /lists directory, the formvalidator is under /lists/solmetra,

in index.php I have

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 if (empty($data['button'])) {
    $data['button'] = $GLOBALS['strSubmit'];
  $html .= '<table><tr><td><img src="solmetra/img.php?&amp;&lt;?php echo time(); ?&gt;" alt="Enter these 6 characters in the box below."></td></tr><tr><td><div class="required">Entra el codi de verificacio de la imatge:</div></td><td class="attributeinput"> <input name="Verification" class="attributeinput" size="6" maxlength="6" value="" id="verification_code" type="text"><script language="Javascript" type="text/javascript">addFieldToCheck("Verification","verification_code");</script></td></tr></table>';

in admin/subscribelib2.php

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$randval = mt_rand();

$obj = new SPAF_FormValidator();
if (isset($_POST['Verification'])) {
  if ($obj->validRequest($_POST['Verification'])) {
    // destroy successful code
  else {
    exit('<p>Codi de verificacio incorrecte.</p> <p><ol><li>Please use the &quot;back&quot; button on your browser to return to the form, and</li><li>Fill out the form and re-submit it with the verification characters correctly entered.</li></ol>If you keep getting this error, please contact us for assistance.</p>');

I sent you a pm with the url to test

PostPosted: 12:47pm, Thu 08 Nov, 2007
by clubwager
I am not sure why it has this problem.

Does the subscribe form work when you turn off captcha? Please test it by opening your config file and change define("USE_CAPTCHA",true) to define("USE_CAPTCHA",false)

I also notice the code for your subscribe form looks wrong.
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Your forms code is: <form method=post name="subscribeform">
My forms code is: <form method="post" action="" name="subscribeform">

Try fixing this code and see if it helps. If the subscribe form works when you turn off captcha but not when it is on, let me know and I will look further into it.

PostPosted: 4:02pm, Thu 08 Nov, 2007
by rmacian
Great! I turned captcha off and I have seen that the problem was not there. I reinstalled the 3 files modified by me and now it works so perhaps I disconfigured something by mistake.

Thanks for your help.

By the way, the absence of the parameter action in the form it has no effect and either the quotes.

PostPosted: 3:18pm, Thu 15 Nov, 2007
by rmacian
I still have a problem, when I want to import users with the option "import emails with the same values for attributes" the result page (import1.php) is cut on the last lines and I don't see the submit button, just in the line were the code is:

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include_once $GLOBALS["coderoot"] ."subscribelib2.php";

this file was edited to turn on captcha. If I edit the code of subscribelib2.php and I leave unmodified (with all captcha code commented) the import page appears OK.

Any idea? does this work on your installation?

PostPosted: 3:50pm, Thu 15 Nov, 2007
by clubwager
Same problem with my installation. Very strange. I will study it and see if I can figure out why it is doing that.

PostPosted: 8:39pm, Mon 26 Nov, 2007
by clubwager
I have tried everything I can think of to fix this behaviour, but no solution. I think there must be some code in SPAF_FormValidator.class.php that conflicts with the phplist code, but I can't find it.

Maybe someone with more knowledge of php code can take a look at it.

PostPosted: 7:15am, Thu 07 Feb, 2008
by scarecrow1
What you have done with the RSS feed and subscription pages is exactly what i am trying to get up and going - can you please take us through how you have set up the RSS emails - do they get delivered automatically and only if there is new data in the feed.

I really hope this is working for you - cause i'd like to know how to do it.

There are a couple of other threads around that are trying to solve the RSS issue.

Please Share.