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phplist redesign (css)

PostPosted: 5:44pm, Wed 03 Oct, 2007
by pixelschrubber
Hey There!

Some Time ago I tried to redesign the Admin-Interface of phplist by only editing the CSS File. To some point I suceeded and beautyfied it.

Due to a lack of time I didn't finish the work properly so that the whole thing will look like a mess in IE.

Maybe some css-cowboys are out there who would love to finish it for the community? A lot of people would be thankful, I guess.

Check out the New Design on:


PostPosted: 11:30pm, Sun 07 Oct, 2007
by rrjbeans
That's awesome :D

The only thing I don't understand is how do you modify the images or use a new one? When I go into the CSS undophplist.css all I see for images is a long strand of letters. I'm confused :?

I am guessing that the images have been encrypted so we can't steal them? I think that this may be causing the problems with displaying PHPlist correctly in Internet Explorer.

Image encoding

PostPosted: 10:31pm, Mon 08 Oct, 2007
by pixelschrubber
rrjbeans: oh, sorry for not pointing that out. I used a data:URI image encoder. You can find it here:

What it does, is to encode the image into the base64 encoding, so that one can use it in stylesheets. They are not protected, sice you can still see them in the browser and can actually download them.

Internet Explorer has no problems with those images, they are displayed correctly there. It's more the heavy use of CSS2 and CSS3 techniques which IE doesn't fully support.

The Work for someone else would be to create an IE-FIX or hacks so that IE will still correctly show the website.

So wh did I use the Image-Encoding? My goal was to create a phplist-mod with a few files and not much to change for the user.

PostPosted: 11:54pm, Tue 09 Oct, 2007
by rrjbeans
Wow, that tool is really neat! I really can never tell with IE- it has all sorts of problems. Well, I'll see what I can do with the CSS I guess.


PostPosted: 2:42pm, Fri 26 Oct, 2007
by pixelschrubber
I just had the thought of publishing the CSS as a greasemonkey-script so that anybody who is familiar with the mozilla plugin can have a beautyfied backend. Anybody got experience in this kind of transformation?

PostPosted: 10:39pm, Tue 06 Nov, 2007
by rrjbeans
pixelschrubber- Greasemonkey is an interesting idea except that it would only have an effect for Firefox users. Back up farther on this thread it was said to be a good idea to make your design compatible with IE.

:D I have solved (most of) the IE Dilemma!

The main problem lies with the encoded images. The encoded images used are not recognized by IE 6 or IE 7.

I am still working on modifications, but it will probably take me a while. Also, I am mixing in some other things I think will make PHP list look better for the admin.

PostPosted: 5:10am, Fri 07 Dec, 2007
by crucial
That looks great! How much work was it to do this?

PostPosted: 8:25pm, Mon 14 Jan, 2008
by jkanclerz
There still seems to be a few kinks with the design.

- In the send message section, the right hand menu overlaps part of FCK editor.
- If you go to the statistics section, the page does not naturally extend down, so the main sticks out in space.

I've only looked at in FF browser.

Despite the flaws, its an appealing, aesthetic re-design of the Phplist administration end.

PostPosted: 5:22am, Wed 04 Mar, 2009
by BlueThunder82
Does anyone have a copy of the zip file? I'm not able to download it using the above URL. I'd like to see this css change in action.


Re: phplist redesign (css)

PostPosted: 2:14am, Sat 07 Mar, 2009
by Demonvox
pixelschrubber wrote:Hey There!

Some Time ago I tried to redesign the Admin-Interface of phplist by only editing the CSS File. To some point I suceeded and beautyfied it...

Interesting... 8)
That's a fine combination of simplicity, style and Chinese culture!
Well done! :P