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BUYX Online

PostPosted: 10:12am, Thu 29 Nov, 2007
by WinstonN
Hi there,

We are using PHPlist to send communications to our clients.
I have tried to keep our brand the same across all mediums, OSCommerce, Wordpress, and finally PHPlist.

The sites have a commercial theme which we bought from the guys over at

eCommerce Shopping Cart Solutions -
***SPAM***.za - http://www.***SPAM***.za
PHPlist intergation - ... cribe&id=1

Lastly, if you guys are looking for a resource to help you with PHPList and the installation thereof you can contact me at my website below. I am also good with postfix in an optimized environment and only use open source applications.

Hope you like it.


PostPosted: 5:25pm, Mon 10 Dec, 2007
by brandom8
Really nice. The colors could be a little darker though in my own opinion.

Brandom :shock:

PostPosted: 7:43am, Tue 11 Dec, 2007
by WinstonN
Halo Brandom,

Thanks for the reply. The colors we keep like that, because on some monitors it shows too dark and that sometimes scare people :)

But thanks for the tip,
Keep it real man,


PostPosted: 3:53am, Sat 22 Mar, 2008
by thedesignstudent
I dig your use of moo tools, very cool 8)

PostPosted: 3:08pm, Fri 02 May, 2008
by pengyou
Sorry for being such a newb...but I don't see where PHPlist is used on your three sites. I guess I still don't completely understand it. I only use it to send out my ezine. My list is pretty static.