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PHPList integrated into a photography website

PostPosted: 7:07pm, Sat 03 Dec, 2011
by HaraldJoergens
First - PHPList seems to be just great, thanks to all that took part in developing the software, and that are maintaing it now!

The website of my photography company, Harald Joergens Photography, is based on a plugin to Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, made by The Turning Gate.

The plugin generates highly customizable websites from within Lightroom, so it is a brilliant time saver, especially for those that are not thinking in HTML and CSS from dusk to dawn.

Adding PHPList was, after getting around a few twists and turns, not that difficult - using one of the generated pages as a template to have a Newsletter page, and to copy and paste parts of the page to the PHPList header and footer.

What I haven't understood yet (maybe someone can help me out here?), the pages I used as a basis for the PHPList pages are PHP pages, not HTML pages. But the pages dynamically created by PHPList seem to be plain HTML, not paying attention to the PHP code (at least that's what it looks like to me). Is there a way to get PHP executed in the generated pages?

Thanks for reading

Re: PHPList integrated into a photography website

PostPosted: 5:27pm, Mon 16 Jul, 2012
by oyunar
you changed the script ha? i cannot see php list at your site.

Re: PHPList integrated into a photography website

PostPosted: 8:17am, Wed 12 Sep, 2012
by HaraldJoergens
Indeed, I HAVE changed the script, and replaced PHPList with another product.

Not because I'm not happy with PHPList! It is an excellent and cleverly made software.

It was a matter of priorities - what was needed was a web software for member administration, for protecting web content with username and password, and for online billing and payments.

Those requirements overlap quite a bit with PHPList functionality - a "member" will quite likely be a newsletter subscriber as well, so maintaining two largely identical databases seemed like a rather inefficient idea.

The member software used now is by far not as complex and powerful as PHPList, but seems sufficient for the limited newsletter requirement of my photography business.