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Not so new adaptation

PostPosted: 4:09pm, Sun 16 Sep, 2012
by AlanGeorge
Huge thanks to the developers and everyone else that have contributed to make phpList what it is today.
Sadly I cannot tell you how I overcame the numerous installation, mailing or Cron problems that DID NOT happen as the package
installed straight out of the box and was operational within an hour, that was 2.10.16
What I have done though has been to tweak some of the contributions from the forums to suit my requirements and to add a
functional in-house captcha i.e. it runs on my server and not a third parties. I prefer to keep all my eggs in my basket
and not goo....gles or other third party.
I also replaced most of the css formatting, added additional css classes and modified the <table> structure so that phpList blended with my own website and back office functions. What I have done is not a theme that can be overlayed
by replacing a few files as in the case of the Platinum Mailer.
If anyone is interested the website can be found at , just enter "Screen Images" into the search field to bring up the Admin and Subscriber screen shots.
Any questions I'll try to answer as and when I can.

Re: Not so new adaptation

PostPosted: 3:02pm, Wed 07 May, 2014
by andy2
Good looking.
There is a bug though.
Opening the portfolio page, an empty link appears in the menu between "Galleries" and "Portfolio".