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Windows-Like Menu Style

PostPosted: 12:48am, Sun 23 Jul, 2006
by Christine8
We created a GUI for the newsletter system that has more Windows feeling to it with drop down menus from the top. It took some time to figure out where everything needs to go. And you can still get to the original view through 'advanced mode'. Our clients seem to like it.

The original URL for this mod ( currently redirects to an advertisement popups site with no information on the original code.

Maintaining this thread for a while to allow users that have the original contribution to post it in this topic.

PostPosted: 2:38pm, Wed 26 Jul, 2006
by jeisson
how did u do this?? I have been trying to do something similar but I can only change the css but not the actual layout.

PostPosted: 8:41pm, Wed 09 May, 2007
by Christine8
We had so many requests for that menu that we are preparing a free download page for it.

Should be done soon. So, hang in there :lol:

Free Download

PostPosted: 2:01am, Thu 10 May, 2007
by Christine8
Okay - it's done. You can [url]DOWNLOAD THE FREE NEWSLETTER TEMPLATE HERE[/url]!
Please submit a link to any upgrades you make to this post so everybody can benefit from it.

Thank you!!!

Removing broken link that redirects to an advertisement site with no information on the original code.

Maintaining this thread for a while to allow users that have the original contribution to post it in this topic.

PostPosted: 8:00pm, Wed 20 Jun, 2007
by Slimey
Nice work! thanks!

PostPosted: 6:28pm, Mon 23 Jul, 2007
by colizer
Thank you for all the kind feedback. We are planning on making some more upgrades next month and will share it with you guys.

Not working / bad readme file

PostPosted: 8:15am, Mon 13 Aug, 2007
by okker
Hello, I am very excited about your contribution and have tried to install it, but your readme file contains bad info.

For instance the instructions for the controlpanel.js file read:
Same as with the CSS file. Just include a <script> link in the header file to it.

It controls both the dropdown menu system and the Advanced Controls button.

link href="controlpanel.css" type="text/css" rel="stylesheet">

(I've deleted the first < btw for the code to show up here)

I have added all the files to the correct folders but the result is a scrambled admin with no sign of new css. Could you please supply a correct readme file? I don't want to mess things up by trying this myself.


help pls

PostPosted: 11:24am, Sat 01 Sep, 2007
by darkdante

i´m trying to install the template too.
can somebody give me please some tip how to get it to work with the newest php version?
the readme txt don´t help me very much and i tried to do it exactly how it is written there.

thank you,


Blank area!

PostPosted: 4:21am, Wed 05 Sep, 2007
by alera
Hi, I have installed vers. 10.2.4 of phplist and when I replace the files or modify them as explained in the txt, nothing happens.. just a blank area .. any ideas? any help?


Tested on
Mac OSX (Safari - Camino - Firefox)
Windows XP (Explorer - Firefox)

Blank Screen Also

PostPosted: 6:51am, Wed 05 Sep, 2007
by morgy

I also have a blank main screen.

A couple of questions also If I may

1)The placement for the header information is a bit vague, my has no body tag just </header>, also the first main <td> is the main information for the file, should it go in their, some clues here would be good, pictures of where yours is or some clarity.

2)Where does control panel.psd go?


Re: Blank Screen Also

PostPosted: 1:00pm, Wed 05 Sep, 2007
by alera
morgy wrote: 2)Where does control panel.psd go?

Morgy, that is a Photoshop File, they were so kind to give out the original psd file so we can modify it to fit or blend with our existing design or just change it to our taste!

Hope it helps

PostPosted: 4:52pm, Wed 05 Sep, 2007
by colizer
You can use it to create your own 'design'.

PostPosted: 8:20am, Fri 07 Sep, 2007
by morgy
Thanks , I realised it was PSP but not if it needed to go anywhere in particular,appreciate your reply.

Anyone have any ideas about the blank screen or where the pasted code goes "exactly" or even have a working version they can post the appropriate adjusted files for viewing, all help greatly appreciated. I am running version 2.10.4.

We will skin this cat yet. 8-)

Placement of Link in

PostPosted: 11:02am, Fri 09 Nov, 2007
by robertwillis
I'm not sure this is the correct answer but I tried this at the end of and got good results.

I also found I needed to put controlpanel.css into /admin/styles


<!--end dropdown-->
<link href="controlpanel.css" type="text/css" rel="stylesheet">

PostPosted: 8:39pm, Sun 27 Jan, 2008
by rrjbeans
To all who received a blank main screen after using this:

There is a CRITICAL typo in styles/controlpanel.css

You will need to make sure that you add "../" before each image/image-name . gif. At least that worked for me.

Otherwise, I would say make sure that these images exist in the location you specify in this file. Good luck!