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PostPosted: 10:53am, Wed 20 Sep, 2006
by manuka
Fully integrated with events database and all 'pages' are skinned to suit site theme. ... =subscribe

PostPosted: 4:44pm, Sat 28 Oct, 2006
by The Modern Goddess
Congratulations :) Your form looks great!

PostPosted: 5:34pm, Sat 28 Oct, 2006
by H2B2
If you would need complete integration, you could use the method described here: How to place a custom subscribe form on an existing webpage

PostPosted: 5:10am, Tue 25 Sep, 2007
by flyerfixer
Wow that is excellent, I am trying to figure out how to put an unsibscribe form exactly like yours on a page for my website.

The subscription works perfect but I am having trouble with the unsubscription page, when ever I click unsubscribe the user is forwarded to the phplist unsubscribe page where they enter their details, rather than the unsubscribe button sending the information from my page to the phplist program.

PostPosted: 5:11am, Fri 07 Dec, 2007
by crucial
Thats great, and I happen to have been on that list of yours for a few years already :P