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Thanks from NPF -

Postby Keith Jordan » 10:53pm, Mon 26 Mar, 2007

I just wanted to say a big thanks to everyone who has worked on the PHPList project! Its great and has really empowered me to manage my newsletter list better!! I have 43,500+ subscribers so dealing with that used to be tiresome! But your software has made managing strangely pleasurable instead of a chore!! ;-)


P.s If you are into the band Pink Floyd, then do add yourself to either the general site newsletter or the "torrent" downloads newsletter!! ;-)
Keith Jordan
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Postby flyerfixer » 5:16am, Tue 25 Sep, 2007

hmm nice
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pink floyd

Postby cmscritic » 6:35pm, Fri 20 Feb, 2009

Pink floyd is outstanding!
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Postby Demonvox » 2:16am, Sat 07 Mar, 2009


Congratulate on your success.

That is exactly why I'm dying to get PHPList work on my IIS hosting! :D
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Re: Thanks from NPF -

Postby vo2 » 6:31pm, Tue 04 May, 2010

Keith, I love the pink floyd. I have registered to your newsletter :)
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