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Recommended PHPlist webhost

PostPosted: 10:31am, Thu 14 Aug, 2008
by Guest
I'm looking for a GOOD PHPlist webhost with little or no bandwidth restrictions.
The ones I've found so far offer 500 emails per hour with no restriction on mass email single messages.
Need to do far better than this for a good price.
Can anyone help?
ps: Not really interested in a webhost as such as already got a website hosted elsewhere but they don't offer a decent mass email faciility.

PostPosted: 11:47am, Thu 14 Aug, 2008
by Dragonrider

PostPosted: 12:15pm, Sat 15 Nov, 2008
by Guest
Sending mass emails is very CPU consuming process. 500 emails per hour is pretty nice offer. If you need more I recommend to buy a VPS.

Suggest me a host

PostPosted: 11:54am, Wed 24 Dec, 2008
by Guest
What host you currently use? Also suggest me a web host I can use to send emails to a list with more than 15000 subscribers...

Re: Recommended PHPlist webhost

PostPosted: 11:13pm, Sat 16 May, 2009
by sense-it
I offer various types of hosting for PHPList. The cost is dependent on your list size, and number of emails you'll be sending per month. You can see my thread HERE

Re: Recommended PHPlist webhost

PostPosted: 2:30pm, Mon 03 May, 2010
by Problogger
I would certainly consider going the VPS route. At least you are always going to be operational.

Re: Recommended PHPlist webhost

PostPosted: 10:18pm, Sun 27 Mar, 2011
by kane464
I have a VPS with Hostgator and have no problems. No restrictions. Linux with cpanel.

Re: Recommended PHPlist webhost

PostPosted: 4:56am, Wed 03 Aug, 2011
by Cubski
I have two VPS hosting at No sending limit and very reliable support.

Re: Recommended PHPlist webhost

PostPosted: 9:57pm, Mon 25 Mar, 2013
by ptoone
I recommend as they have much better support than any other host I have come across and as developer I have pretty much used them all. They also have no limits on sending mail for vps accounts. Been using Thexyz and Phplist for years now and will not switch .