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PHPlist/Zen-Cart Integration

PostPosted: 10:53pm, Thu 23 Sep, 2010
by brushwoodnursery
Looking to keep the functionality of my phplist platform but want an easy way to add products into the email. Looking for a dropdown menu to select the product from my store that will then display it (image, name, price, special if applicable, short description) as a link to the product page. Would like to be able to add as few or as many as I'd like. The good news is that my zen installation is on the same DB as my phplist! Ideally it would be a number of products in the middle of 2 areas of written content. The layout can be simple. Image on the left and text, price etc on the right with maybe a small, horizontal line between each product.
Would need to know developer is good. Looking for references, examples of work done, etc. This is the first time I've requested pro help on this site. Please respond in whichever manner is appropriate here. (I'm assuming email or PM)

Re: PHPlist/Zen-Cart Integration

PostPosted: 1:27pm, Fri 24 Sep, 2010
by brushwoodnursery
Been thinking about this some more and I just realized there's a better way to do it that will be useful for many more store owners regardless of the platform they use for ecommerce. What if a Mod could be built that pulls the data from a common feed like Google Base? The data is already properly configured with links to the image and the product page along with much more data that could be integrated only if needed. Every store that feeds to Big G must put it in the same format so the Mod could be used for any store! The data is in a much more useful form than what would be pulled directly from the DB anyway; like the proper product page link, for example. Maybe it could use a placeholder like [prod_id 327] to insert the data in a predetermined layout. The code would be inside and watching for the placeholder. (No need to configure a dropdown menu to select and insert inline)