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Configure PHP List for

PostPosted: 7:45am, Wed 03 Nov, 2010
by Language101dotcom
We need to find someone to configure PHP List and integrate it with our Wordpress installation.

Specifically you will need to:

1. Make sure we comply with all bulk mail guidelines from Gmail, Yahoo, etc.
2. Set up and configure auto responders.
3. Integrate our opt in form with Wordpress.
4. Move existing lists to PHP List.
5. Test everything.

We are in Hawaii, USA right now so someone in Hawaii, Alaska or the west coast of the USA or Canada would be best. New Zealand might be okay too. We like working with people in our time zone or close to it.

To apply please visit this URL:

and tell me a little bit about your experience with PHP List. Please let me know how much you are asking per hour. We pay for this kind of job on a per hour basis, not as a flat rate.

Thanks. Brent

Re: Configure PHP List for

PostPosted: 8:01am, Wed 03 Nov, 2010
by Language101dotcom
I forgot to say this in the original post.

We will be using PHP List to promote foreign language learning on our web site.

Specifically we will be promoting:

I'm not sure if we will end up with separate installations of PHP list for these sites or if we can use one install and just have multiple mailing lists.

Your expert opinion is welcome even if this job isn't right for you. Thanks. Brent