automatic signup on completion of survey or order

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automatic signup on completion of survey or order

Postby jnasta » 8:51pm, Mon 08 Nov, 2010

I have a client who would like to set up PHP List so that if a customer completes a retail order or survey on her web site they are automatically signed up to her mailing list. I know that this sort of issue has been tackled before because there is a plugin for Wordpress so that if someone subscribes to your blog they are also signed up to PHP List. Have any of the developers out there tackled an issue like this? The web site and survey are most likely going to be done with Wordpress. The shopping cart is something that she had custom developed and we are going to have to assess whether to try to make changes to it or abandon it. That's all I really know at this point. Of course this is a paying job. If you have similar work to show and references, please contact me. Thanks
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