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PHPLiist Help Needed

PostPosted: 2:05am, Sat 08 Jan, 2011
by BrownBear
We need someone very proficient in installing, customizing, etc. If you are in Arizona...that would be a bonus; but not necessary. We have some immediate needs and would like to build a long term relationship for project work. Reliability, honesty and communication is a must.
I look forward to your repsonses.

Thanks :D

Re: PHPLiist Help Needed

PostPosted: 5:22pm, Sat 19 Feb, 2011
by btushar
If no development work is need to be done like integration with other softwares etc than I can do it for you in 30 minutes and that will include

installation and working phplist
email server
fine tuning (as per your requirement)
DKIM can only be setup if, you require.

Re: PHPLiist Help Needed

PostPosted: 9:30am, Fri 17 Jun, 2011
by phplistmodcom
We can customize phplist as a professional look autoresponder as you can see on our web
Please take a look and let me know your opinions about it. Thanks.

Re: PHPLiist Help Needed

PostPosted: 8:21am, Sat 02 Jul, 2011
by crypto2600
I uploaded a sequential autoresponder mod. Check this post