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Looking for a unique PHP Function

PostPosted: 7:57am, Sun 05 Jun, 2011
by Hobbystern
Good Morning,

i have a small business and use phplist for it.

I need a special function :

- Someone registeres for phplist (new) - and he confirms the confirmation email - i wanted to sent him a "coffee gift", a picture with a uniq ID which he can printout and visit one of my coffeeshops to enjoy there a free cup of coffee or something else.

All this must be done with php, phplist and a server without root access.

Please write me a PM if you can do this job. The best way for cash is a donation, or a german bill, i think this work is 150€ worth ( i need a bill with taxes on it), but you can tell me why you must have more ;)

Greets, Stefan