Need good phplist developper

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Need good phplist developper

Postby trebla » 10:23am, Tue 09 Aug, 2011

I need a good phplist developper to check my configuration and also to alter code or maybe just to fix or explain, how can I send just the quantity of newsletters I want from a list.
I explain : I'm on semi-dedicated server wich allow me only 10000 emails/day.
Each of my lists are over 90000.
I wich to have function to define the quantity I want send from list... to be back the next day and carry on another quantity, etc...

By advance, thank you

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Re: Need good phplist developper

Postby Dragonrider » 11:10am, Tue 09 Aug, 2011

I would suggest trying these settings in your config.php file

Code: Select all
# define the amount of emails you want to send per period. If 0, batch processing
# is disabled and messages are sent out as fast as possible

# define the length of one batch processing period, in seconds (3600 is an hour)

# to avoid overloading the server that sends your email, you can add a little delay
# between messages that will spread the load of sending
# you will need to find a good value for your own server
# value is in seconds (or you can play with the autothrottle below)

These will work out at just under 10,000 a day ie: 416*24 = 9984
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