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Need help and will pay!

PostPosted: 11:21pm, Tue 18 Oct, 2011
by bgw
Hello, I have problems with my phplist installation, and would like to pay someone to investigate it (and once investigated, to fix it).

1. Currently, I have two databases, totalling around 8,000 members. When I mail to them, only 7,000 emails go out. Everyone that has unsubscribed are in a different database.

2. Many new members that try to subscribe either get a confirmation notice, and nothing there after, or they receive nothing at all. It is not a SPAM issue.

3. Scheduling is not working so I need to process the queue manually.

4. Time zone is setup incorrectly (I am in Sydney, Australia).

I would like to engage someone on please.

Any takers?


Re: Need help and will pay!

PostPosted: 5:05am, Wed 02 Nov, 2011
by Ecochic
Hi did you get any replies? I'm in Melbourne having problems troubleshooting PHPlist install. Please send people my way also. Thanks