Need help fixing errors

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Need help fixing errors

Postby iswede » 5:01pm, Mon 02 Apr, 2012

I am looking to hire someone to help me fix some errors I have with my site. I don't have an unlimited budget as this is for a community site.
Prefer someone who might also understand wordpress and the wordpress plugin to phplist ("Newsletter Sign Up"). I've installed the plug in but I want help to get it running.

Specific issues: I have some phplist subscribe pages where users sign up.. click ok and the screeen flickers and no user ever gets subscribed. However the user gets no error message! So the user goes on with their day thinking that they subscribed!!! Hence massive fail! I have no error message to report here in the forum!

Second issue configure the plug in. It's installed the plugin but I have no clue how to configure as the documentation makes zero sense.
If I can't find someone to fix this I'll be forced to move to something like Mailchimp.

Please send email to freelancer"at"
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