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Cron Job on Godaddy - Automating Sending Process-

PostPosted: 7:57am, Sat 14 Apr, 2012
by cellularguy
I've installed phplist on my godaddy server and it is working.
My current list is over 40k contacts and i have set it to batch 400 per hour as godaddy will only allow me to send 10k relays per day. I'm using the process queue link and with the amount of emails that have to be sent i have to keep my browser open for days.

i would like to set up a cron job but i have no idea how. i have read thru all the documentation and read the forums but im totally confused on how to set up automatic processing using a cron job with godaddy.

if anyone can help me set this up i would be grateful and will pay a fair agreed upon price