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phplist support and consultancy available

PostPosted: 7:40pm, Thu 25 Oct, 2012
by duncanc
I am able to provide support and consultancy for phplist, charged at an hourly rate.

If you are having difficulty
  • installing phplist
  • configuring phplist
  • upgrading phplist
  • setting-up a cron job
  • installing a plugin
  • or any other problem with phplist
then I can provide remote support over Yahoo Messenger or Skype, or you can give me temporary access to your phplist system and control panel, to help diagnose and fix the problem.

I can also modify phplist to:
  • use secure SMTP in order to send through gmail, Amazon SES etc.
  • check the subscription form for spam signups, see this article
  • process bounces when the php IMAP extension is not available
  • store admin passwords securely instead of in plain text
Please see for further details.