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Help Wanted - PHPlist Coach

Postby PHPlistUser2 » 10:33pm, Sat 13 Oct, 2012

I am one of a handful of volunteers who manage a running club. We have been using PHPlist for just over a year for a simple newsletter for the club.

The person who installed and configured PHPlist for us is no longer available. We have a basic understanding of how to use PHPlist for basic needs, but am stuck when it comes to more technical questions and applications.

We need a PHPlist coach.

Here's an outline of what we're looking for:

A- confirm that our PHPlist installation is correct and up-to-date (installed on our server at Rackspace)

B- walk-though the features and functionality of PHPlist to make sure we understand the options and also that it is optimized for our needs. In particular, I'd like to make sure we know how to manage bounces and unsubscribes, measure click-throughs and other related features

C- help with configuring PHPlist to address a particular need of ours. There are 15 members of the running club (event hosts) who host runs at different times during the year. Each of these 15 event hosts need to receive 5 template reminder notices over the course of the year at specified times (6 mos, 3 months, 1 month, 1 week before and 1 week after their event). Each of the 5 reminder notes are different. Each event host would get the same notes,
but they would receive them at different times. We have the template reminders in PHPlist, but we don't know how to configure PHPlist so that the reminders are sent automatically at the pre-determined date

D- Assuming this project is successful, I would like to be able to ask you PHPlist questions on an as-needed basis.

We don't have a big budget, but I promise to pay you what we agree to. For a job well done, we'd also write you a glowing testimonial (your website/LinkedIN) and refer you to others.

If you are interested, please send a brief note with:
- a bit of background on your experience with PHPlist (e.g. how many years, how many projects, etc.)
- roughly what you would charge for this project
- your hourly rate for future work
- your contact information

My email is: northshore_99 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Thank you in advance for your time, and I look forward to working with you!
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