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Paid support required

Postby azuleon13 » 1:30am, Wed 06 Feb, 2013

We're looking for someone with experience in installing and configuring phplist to help us achieve the following:

1) enable phplist lists to be generated from "external" MySQL tables.

2) enable phplist to be "triggered" by an email (in other words, rather than creating the message from within phplist, send a message to a specific address that then fires off phplist; a bit like Mailman, but with the extended functionality of phplist).

If you're capable of helping in any of these issues (or, even better, both) we would be happy to discuss matters further with you. This work is for a documented non-profit organisation but we're willing to pay a reasonable amount to anyone who has the skill and expertise to help us implement these features on an already installed phplist (latest version).

Thank you for reading this. We look forward to your feedback.
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