Need Someone to Look At Our Implementation - Issues

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Need Someone to Look At Our Implementation - Issues

Postby Prism » 3:37pm, Fri 14 Jun, 2013

A PHP Developer with no prior PHP List experience implemented PHP List for us. We are having several issues and are looking for someone to take a look at our implementation and correct any issues or problems. Our website and this implementation are hosted remotely at HostGator on their VPS service.

Here are our issues:

1. We have large email lists to mail to. 100,000+ per list.
a) It seems to take many days to send a single email.
b) Once we send a message we must keep that computer on and we cannot logout of PHP List or even go to any other part of PHP List or our email send stops.
c) We cannot upload large spreadsheets of emails all at once. We need to break them into lists of 5000-7000 emails and add them little by little to a list. Very tedious.

2. If an email is in any way interrupted during sending we get locked out of our PHP List account and have this error message when we try to get to the main admin page:
Fatal Error: Cannot connect to database, Sql server is not running. Please contact the administrator

3. We wonder if there may be some plug-in out there that might give us better stats on a sent email. We are familiar with Campaigner for small email blasts and are spoiled by the user-friendly interface and robust tracking/reporting.

4. Clock time seems incorrect so we are unable to effectively embargo an email to be sent at a specific time.

Please contact me directly at email removed to prevent spam harvesting

Thank you!!

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