Setup with custimization (PAID)

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Setup with custimization (PAID)

Postby bumper » 2:23pm, Sat 07 Sep, 2013

I'm need help on installing phplist on a dedicated server (I can provide SSH Access).
After installation I'll need the following features to work:
1. Create dynamic Mailer
2. Opt out option
3. Bounce back
4. Tracking (clicks and so on)
5. Creating a dynamic list, for I get daily new emails and only the new emails I want to be sent out.
6. Need everything to be scripted.
7. Ability to approve a campaign before sending and having that page plugged into my portal so a user can manage it.
Example, I have created a new campaign for company XYZ.
Company XYZ logs into my portal where I'll have a frame in page to that campaign so they can approve. Once they approve it, the campaign process and the company XYZ user can track this. There can be multiple companies so I'll need to be able to restrict who can see which campaign.
Please ask me for any details and supply an estimate for the work.
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Re: Setup with custimization (PAID)

Postby Sven2157 » 5:21pm, Sat 07 Sep, 2013

bumper wrote:Please ask me for any details and supply an estimate for the work.

phplist, does provide PAID hosting: phpList Hosted

Having said that -

I am interested, however an estimate is rather improbable. Everything depends on what you really want; sure you make it sound simple, but once the features start to appear, then you want changes, additions, subtractions, etc, etc...

I will send you a PM, via these forums, with my details.

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