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Commercial integration project

PostPosted: 12:57pm, Tue 15 Oct, 2013
by mikemanning
We are looking to integrate phpList into our existing subscriber information system. Here's a brief summary:

1. Use our existing subscriber information system to create a mailing list.
2. Integrate CKeditor into our subscriber information system to build e-mail content.
3. Develop a scheduling system in our subscriber information. This scheduler will feed the mailing list and e-mail content to phpList and launch the mailing.

We would also like to upgrade from 2.11.17 to the latest version. We do not have a "stock" installation of phpList. We have integrated the tracking information from phpList into our subscriber information system which required some modifications to phpList. It is primarily changes to the phpList database to identify which subscriber information database the e-mails belong to.

Our subscriber information system is primarily php with some Perl. We use both MySQL and PostgreSQL.

If you are interested, respond to this post and we can further discuss.


Re: Commercial integration project

PostPosted: 6:41pm, Tue 05 Nov, 2013
by ha99y
Just FYI you should look at phpList API

Re: Commercial integration project

PostPosted: 3:51am, Mon 16 Dec, 2013
by danwaterloo
Hi Mike,

Did you ever get this resolved? If you still need help, let me know, I can help if you need any.