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Best Host for sending 15000 emails per hour

PostPosted: 8:26am, Fri 07 Feb, 2014
by mtech1

Need a hosting solution provider for phplist who will allow to send approx. 15000 emails per hour without hitting spam list.

please advice

Re: Best Host for sending 15000 emails per hour

PostPosted: 12:53pm, Sat 08 Feb, 2014
by Cornwell
There is some very sound advice on the WebHelps website that shows that with that volume of emails you will hit problems no matter how good the hosting service is that you use. This is because if a receiving ISP sees a lot of emails inbound from the same IP address in a short time they will infer that it is sending spam.

I have no connection with WebHelps and no experience of their services, but that help page makes sense.

On a shared hosting service your reputation can be damaged by high volumes of email from other clients of that service. If you choose a shared hosting service please let us know which one it is, so we can avoid it :wink:

Re: Best Host for sending 15000 emails per hour

PostPosted: 1:26pm, Mon 10 Feb, 2014
by mtech1

I read we can have multiple smtp configured in phplist. Please advice how can this help in sending mails from a poll of SMTP Servers and how to configure SMTP usernames in the different servers.

Thank You

Re: Best Host for sending 15000 emails per hour

PostPosted: 5:30am, Wed 19 Feb, 2014
by Heritage
To answer your question the answer is dedicated hosting just about anywhere.

Most economy shared hosting will only do 500 per hour. There are a few that will let you go above or get a VPS account.

Any one IP can do 2 Million sends per day with the correct warming plan to keep your reputation scoring 62 to 100 and keeping your hard, soft, and block bounces under 20%.

So with the hardware and agreement expectations out of the way.

Any data hygiene issues are beautifully handles by PHP using the:

define("EMAIL_ADDRESS_VALIDATION_LEVEL",2); (or even using a setting of 3)

That is for incoming subscribers.

When you are migrating from another ESP (Email Service Provider) or Platform. Or having subscribers which have not been actively sent to in the past three months there is another beautiful part of phpList which handles the hard, soft, and block bounces.


For data hygiene.

The symptom maybe deliverability, but the root causes are either data hygiene, frequency, and/or activity.

So the action plan is clean up, warm up, and segment out the people who are inactive.

Then 15,000 emails is not a challenge if your host has not put a SMTP cap on your hourly send rate.

Start with 500 per hour and see if you can keep your bounce rate under 2% to 5% (10 to 50 bounces). If you are smooth sailing there and your reputation score does not have complaints and spam traps. Then you are looking good for increased sending.

Thinking big is great, but test small and if you have the best active customers then start at 500 per hour and increase by 20% every hour. AOL has a very small limit for fresh IP space. 15,000 is way beyond AOLs daily limit for daily sends from IP space they have not seen activity for in the last month.

The road to more SMTP will Servers will only lead you back to the warming and data when dealing with such a low send rate of 15,000 per hour.

Done correctly you can be 15,000 per hour in 4 to 6 weeks with the correct warming strategy and a good active engaged audience.

If you need to send more than 2 million per day then yes PowerMTA or any SMTP end point solution is great path, but with 360,000 sends a day you are fine on phpList.

All the best,

Rob James

Re: Best Host for sending 15000 emails per hour

PostPosted: 10:06am, Sat 10 May, 2014
by redspark
I recommend to use third party SMT relays like mandrill, send grid and setup sending method with API so your ISP will never interfear even if you are at shared hosting.

Let me know if you need any help here. I am just an email away at


Re: Best Host for sending 15000 emails per hour

PostPosted: 1:35am, Sun 08 Jun, 2014
by winsletewr
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