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Queue Error

PostPosted: 2:13pm, Tue 26 Aug, 2014
by roithner
Whenever I try to process the queue, I get the "Your session timed out, please login again"message, even tho everything else is accessible, (except the export user function where I get an invalid security toke error.) It stays for a bit then disappears. It is just long enough for the queue not to be processed.
I have tried in Firefox and Safari. This started after upgrading from the 3.0.6 to 3.0.7.
Any suggestions?

Re: Queue Error

PostPosted: 7:09pm, Sun 31 Aug, 2014
by danwaterloo
in your config.php, make sure this is in there, it might be the answer to your problem:

Code: Select all
# you can store sessions in the database instead of the default place by assigning
# a tablename to this value. The table will be created and will not use any prefixes
# this only works when using mysql and only for administrator sessions
$SessionTableName = "phplistsessions";