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Created a Plugin for Outlook

PostPosted: 9:43pm, Tue 13 Jan, 2015
by nexcopy
Our company created an Outlook plugin for PHPList. The plugin will auto detect all emails from with in an email message and with a click, you can export the email address and user name to the php list.

This is absolutely the easiest way to collect email address and add them to your phplist.

No data entry!!

We are just thinking about how to market this and wanted to post about it in the forums. I hope that is okay.

PM for detials. Supports Outlook 2010 and can build to support 2013.

Re: Created a Plugin for Outlook

PostPosted: 9:48pm, Tue 13 Jan, 2015
by Dragonrider
You do realise that this is actually illegal especially under CAN-SPAM act of 2003. Reading your post suggests that you plan on adding people to your mailing list without their permission.

phpList is a permission based newsletter system, ie: to the best of my knowledge subscribers should be allowed the opportunity to OPT-IN, not be forced to try to OPT-OUT.

I hope that I've misread your intension's?